Supreme Court suggests Amendments in Land Acquisition Act

Supreme Court suggests Amendments in Land Acquisition Act.
By Pallavii Pitale

A bench of Chief Justice Shri. K. G. Balakrishnan, Justice Shri. R. V. Raveendran and Justice Shri. D. K. Jain has suggested a few amendments in the century old act of Land Acquisition that are necessary in order to make the Land owners / farmers welcome acquisitions in the near future.

They further said , It is extremely important to acquire land from Farmers / land owners for various infrastructural developments in the country but due to poor compensations and lack of proper alternative arrangements for rehabilitation and survival, the farmers / land owners are not ready to give away their lands. The bench also pointed that the acquisition collectors and related authorities have been ignoring the legitimate rights of land owners. Also it was added that in the process a group of people other than the land losers get benefited and how they manage to get away with their illegal acquisitions which leads to people offen being resistant and hostile towards the whole process.

The court has issued certain guidelines for the state Governments. The court has further stated that the amendment is for the benefit of the land losers. It has been clearly mentioned that the landowner / farmer who parts with his land for a commercial purposes like SEZ, must get reasonable compensation promptly at the time of the disposition itself in order to make alternative arrangements for rehabilitation and survival. If the land is acquisited for the housing development in an urban area then the land loser should be given an appropriate share in the development itself. The state governments needs to act like a trusty and should safeguard the Land losers against any malpractices. A model acquisition of large scale land for planned urban development by forming residential layouts has been recommended by the bench.

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  1. When will this get implemented we still see that the landowners are not even given the govt price for the land nor the actual value of yield loss

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