Supreme Universal: Premium and Supreme

Sunny Bijlani, Director, Supreme Universal
Sunny Bijlani, Director, Supreme Universal

Recognized for upscale designs in the best locations and an organization committed to customer satisfaction, Supreme Universal believes in building excellence that nurtures quality in all it undertakes, creating innovative projects that deliver value to clients.

Obsessed with utmost luxury and lifestyle since 1982, it has been a core value of the organization to set the highest standards of quality in the industry. The young and talented directors at Supreme Universal are the ones who along with the founders are responsible for growing the company by many folds in the recent past.

Responsible for developing some of the most luxurious and sought after residential properties in Mumbai, the organization took its operations to Pune in early 2001 and developed commercial as well as residential projects, which have been considered a hit with the young IT generation.

Sunny Bijlani, Director, Supreme Universal, is a part of formulating strategies for future expansion plans of the group. A management graduate specialising in finance and with a professional background, which included a stint with Axi Risk Consulting (then part of the Ambit RSM Group) he takes time off to share his views with Accommodation Times.

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