Table of Measurement of Land

A. Square Measurement

1 Hectare = 2.5 Acres

1 Acre = 40 Gunthas

1 Guntha = 121 sq.yards = 101.17 sq.metres

1 Guntha = 33 ft. x 33 ft. = 1089 sq.feet

1 Acre = 4840 sq.yards

1 Acre = 4067.23 sq.metres

1 Acre = 43,560 sq.feet

1 sq. yard = 0.8361 sq.metre

1 sq. metre = 1.190 sq.yards

1 sq. yard = 9 sq. feet

1 sq. metre = 10.76 sq.feet

B. Lines Measurement

1 Kilometre = 0.621 mile

1 Mile = 1.609 Kilometres

1 Kilometre = 1000 metres

1 Metre = 39.37 feet

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34 thoughts on “Table of Measurement of Land

  1. Hi
    … Would like to know one property measurement i.e. from East to West facing is 39.5ft and North to South 47’+39/2 as per owner info. Hence want to know what is total measurement and how to calculate … Thanks & Regards … Naveen

    1. my land is 1 acre 21 guntas
      we desided 20 guntas selling
      but that measure
      top edge is 185 sq ft & bottom edge is 165 sq ft & hight is 300 .how to measure east to west one side barder calculates in 20 guntas

  2. Hi everyone. I am a Quantity Surveyor in the UK and i have land in west bengal. I was looking for the conversion rates, and it was near impossible to find. Here is a comprehensive schedule of conversation rates from British Library. Hope it is useful. If you need a conversion calculator software then I can email it to you for free, just email me a request for Land measurement conversion calculator and I will send it to you as soon as possible. It is a great software tool made in MS Excel, all you have to do is enter the amount of land in acres or kattas or decimal or bighas etc. and it will work out the exact amount in square feet, square metres, square yards, kattas, decimals. bighas etc. Email me on I will post up separately another comment with the conversion rates to prevent confusion.

  3. Unit Decimal Katta Gonda Bigha Acre

    Sq FT


    Sq Meter


    Sq Yard





    Bigha 0.03

  4. Conversion rates are here as follows written manually:

    One Decimal = 435.61 sq ft which is 40.468m2, which is 40.40 sq yard

    One Katta = 1.6 Decimals, which is 697 sq ft, which is 64.75m2, which is 77.44 sq yard

    One Gonda = 3.75 Kattas, or 0.181 Bighas, or 6 decimals, which is 2613.66 sq ft, which is 242.80m2, which is 290.40 sq yard

    One Bigha = 1/3 acre or 20.83 Kattas, or 435.61 Decimals, which is 14520 sq ft, which is 1344.54m2, which is 1600 sq

    One Acre = 0.405 Hectares or 3 Bighas or 62.5 Kattas, or 100 Decimals, or 43560 sq ft, or 4067.23m2, or 4840 sq yd

    One Hectare = 2.47 acres, or 7.41 Bighas,
    or 154.44 Kattas, or 247.10 Decimals, or 107639.104 sq ft, or 10,000 sq metres, or 11,960 sq yd

    You are advised that the best way to measure your Land is to work out the area by multiplying the lenghth by width in feet or metre and then divide this area into the area of Bigha or Kattah etc in square ft.

    Eg. you have 128 decimals of land you want to work out how many Kattahs:

    From the conversion rates above 1 Decimal = 435.61 sq ft, so 128 Decimals is 128 x 435.61 sq ft = 55,758 sq ft.

    One Kattah is 697 sq ft, so you divide 55,758 sq ft /697 = 80 Kattah.

  5. Hi…every one..I am building a house in goa nd want to purchase land there I want to know the measurment ued in goa i know its not in sq feet..I want about 3,500 sq feet

  6. In wb land is recorded in satak/decimal only; and 1decimal=435.6 sq ft,=48.4 sq.yards=40 sq metres and 100 decimal=1 acre.Land in wb never recorded in katha/bigha.but 1 katha=1.665 decimal,1 bigha=33.33 decimal

  7. hi
    one bigha in Madhya pradesh & Rajsthan india is measurement solution
    please i help me
    measurement table

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