Deemed Conveyance process do not require OC

By Accommodation Times Bureau In a Government Circular released on 18th Sept 2017 by Department of Housing, Government of Maharashtra, it is now not necessary to obtain Occupation Certificate ( OC) to apply for Deemed Conveyance. Earlier, Govt of Maharashtra while allowing Deemed Conveyance, made it mandatory for applicants to obtain Occupation

FAQs on Deemed Conveyance in Maharashtra

By K K Ramani & Co Accommodation Times Bureau Frequently Asked Questions   Q-1. The building was constructed 25 years ago and the Co-operative Society was registered 20 yrs ago. Inspite of its members best efforts the builders have not given conveyance of property to the Society. The Society wants to use TDR.

Deemed Conveyance FAQs from CIDCO, Navi Mumbai

Accommodation Times News Services   Frequently asked Questions about Deemed Conveyance   Q.1)  What is Conveyance? Ans. Granting of Lease or Transfer of lease of land by CIDCO to Co-Operative Housing Society or to an Apartment Owners Association or a Company is known as Conveyance.   Q.2). How Conveyance is done?   Ans. For granting of lease by CIDCO,

Deemed Conveyance as per the provisions of MOFA

By Accommodation Times News Service By K K Ramani, (Advocate) The Section 92 of Central Act has repealed the Maharashtra Housing Act.  The Maharashtra Housing Act 2014 itself having been repealed, MOFA will continue to operate. State Act MOFA and Central Real Estate Act both will be enforceable simultaneously in the State