Andheri West has the most no. buildings in Mumbai, generates max property tax

 By Accommodation Times Bureau The land-starved Greater Mumbai has roughly 2.75 lakh authorized structures with the municipal ward of Andheri (West) emerging as the area with the largest number of buildings at 31,471, show statistics collated by TOI. This ward (K-West) also generated the highest property tax collection for the BMC at Rs

The letter of allottment, even though not “ownership”, must be taken as the date of holding the asset

By Accommodation Times Bureau Capital Gain will be calculated from date of allotment letter. While s. 2(42A) uses the term "held", the other provisions use the terms "acquired", "purchased" and "owner". Accordingly, for considering whether an asset is a "long-term capital asset", the period of holding must be computed on a de

Impact of GST on Indian Tax System


By CA. Pathik Shah Accommodation Times News Services In India, there is two type of taxes are levied. These taxes are direct or indirect tax. “Indirect taxes” according to John Stewart Mill, “are those which are demanded from one person on the expectation and intention that he shall indemnify himself at the expense