Kolkata : City of Joy and Life Style

By Accommodation Times News Services : Kolkata is the capital of Bengal and having population around 5 million, with an extended metropolitan population of over 14 million, making it the third-largest urban agglomeration and the fourth-largest city in India. The city is an epitome of rich culture and creativity is one of

Ludhiana most vibrant city

By Accommodation Times News Services Ludhiana - As real estate developers spread their operations past A grade cities, and prepare to urbanize the rural landscape, small towns are getting the best of both worlds – a low cost but high value, pollution free lifestyle. Ever since the urban policy of the Punjab

Jalandhar affordable for all class

By Accommodation Times News Services Jalandhar: Apart from being one of the oldest cities of Punjab, Jalandhar boasts to be one of the most progressive cities of India. The state and central governments have worked towards lifting the infrastructure in Jalandhar to be at par with international standards. It is well

Amritsar : A mature market housing million

By Accommodation Times News Services Amritsar: Growth in real estate in the city has been geared up since the government opened up the trade between India and Pakistan. A flurry of commercial activity followed, and enterprising real estate developers in the city, encouraged at the same time the Punjab Government's urban

Gandhinagar best bet for money worth

By Accommodation Times News Services Gandhinagar : Gandhinagar is Gujarat’s new capital city, located on the west bank of Sabarmati River. It is also known as commercial and cultural heart of the state. The transformation the city’s real estate has shown is indeed remarkable. Eventhough, all big cities have reached saturation, Gandhinagar

Rajkot is developing fast

By Accommodation Times News Services Rajkot: Another major city of the state. Rajkot is gearing up to become the next potential destination for services sectors like IT and ITes and its strategic location and connectivity to other major cities are attracting investment. Today, a large number of business houses, exclusive multistories

Baroda developing fast

By Accommodation Times News Services Baroda: The city is best known for the culture center, education center of Gujarat. It is the fourteenth largest city in the country. And today, the city is set IT industry expansion and real estate boom. Baroda is the third choice after Ahmedabad and Surat when

Ahmedabad : A city of life

By Accommodation Times News Services Ahmedabad: Ahmedabad, a commercial capital of Gujarat, is the most favorable destination for real estate investments. Due to an excellent returns, local investors and NRIs are pouring an enormous investment in the city. The announcement of Rs 5,500 crore across seven mega cities in the country

Trichy on transitional mode

By Accommodation Times News Services Trichy: Tiruchirapalli , commonly known as Trichy, has a culture and historical heritage. It is now also a upcoming commercial and industrial center, reckoning to become a major city by the turn of the century. Promising an upsurge in real estate value. The city is full of basic needs

Madurai growing fast

By Accommodation Times News Services Madurai: Madurai, another tier-two city in southern Tamil Nadu, and another hot-spot for real estate - thanks increasing availability of facilities such as mini-bus services to suburbs, and anticipation of investments especially in the IT and BPO sectors. Today, Madurai suburbs are where all the action takes place,