Case against the builders, not signing conveyance deed & transferring land of housing projects to societies.

By Accommodation Times Bureau Pune:The Pune District Co-operative Housing Federation has requested the state government to file criminal cases against the builders, who are not signing conveyance deed and transferring the land of housing projects to societies. Suhas Patwardhan, the chairman of Pune District Co-operative Housing Federation told, "Builders are unwilling to transfer the land because they want to continue to have

50,000 housing societies in Mumbai waiting to get land ownership documents

By Accommodation Times Bureau Near about 50,000 housing societies in the metropolitan region ; in the lack of the ownership of the land ,on which their buildings stand; are facing difficulties in claiming the permissions for redevelopment or maintenance. Home buyers and activists are now demanding that the Maharashtra Ownership of Flats Act (MOFA)

Circular Issued By Inspector General of Police, Ground Realities & Builders Obligation towards Flat Purchasers

By Accommodation Times News Service By Adv. Vinod Sampat  It is an open secret that ever since the enactment of Maharashtra Ownership Flats (MOF) Act, flat purchasers have been exploited. In my view every political party has got builders as its leaders who are able to protect the commercial interest of builder-lobby.

Deemed Conveyance as per the provisions of MOFA

By Accommodation Times News Service By K K Ramani, (Advocate) The Section 92 of Central Act has repealed the Maharashtra Housing Act.  The Maharashtra Housing Act 2014 itself having been repealed, MOFA will continue to operate. State Act MOFA and Central Real Estate Act both will be enforceable simultaneously in the State