NON – Taxability of surrender of tenancy rights prior to 1-4-94

By Accommodation Times News Services By Vimal Punmiya, Chartered Accountant Posted on 26 July 1999 The issue regarding taxability/non-taxability of surrender of Tenancy rights is giving sleepless nights to millions of Tenants, especially in city like Mumbai where Pugree system is in great vogue. The decision of the Special Bench constituted by the Bombay

Why Rent in Mumbai was frozen in 1949?

By Accommodation Times News Services If a restriction on housing rent is imposed property rates are bound to decrease, this was the only motive to freeze rents in Mumbai in 1949. We need to provide homes to millions of homeless in the country. To reduce the race between have and notes

Lease and Licence Distinguished

By: Mohan Rijhwani, Advocate By Accommodation Times News Services The history  of conflict  in the  distinction between lease and licence is as old as the history  of the concept of lease  itself . The relation of landlord and tenant was originally one of contract  only, but from  early times  the contract conferred  an