Policy for rental accommodation, affordable housing soon in Punjab

By Accommodation Times Bureau CHANDIGARH The government of Punjab is working on two scheme these includes rental accommodations and affordable housing site across the state for the benefit of seniors and students seeking affordable rental accommodation in Punjab. As part of the concept for affordable housing, the push will be on making smaller

Ministry is close to finalizing a Pro-acive, Practical & Pragmatic Rental Housing Policy: Dr.Nandita Chatterjee

By Accommodation Times News Services Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation, Secretary, Dr. Nandita Chatterjee asserted that, soon there will be a pro-active, practical and pragmatic Rental Housing Policy to meet demand for rental housing. During a workshop she said, "Ministry is close to finalizing a pro-active, practical and pragmatic Rental

Naidu Suggests incentives, policy support to increase rental housing stock beyond 11%

By Accommodation Times News Services Minister of Housing & Urban Poverty Alleviation M.Venkaiah Naidu came out strongly in support of promoting rental housing stock in the country, saying “it is more inclusive than ownership housing which has been the focus of housing interventions by the governments”. While speaking at a National Consultation

Declining rental housing have created more slums

By Accommodation Times News Services With dried up rental housing, the slums are fast increasing in the country. The government policies that affect rental housing markets have dried up the supply of rental housing. Some are intended to correct real or imagined deficiencies in rental housing markets. Some are intended to