Tamil Nadu’s registration dept returns to offline registration of land

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The Tamil Nadu’s registration department has returned to the manual process for registration of property documents. 

The authority two days after launching the online process it switched to manual registration.

On Wednesday people complained that they faced difficulties in the online process. Authority officials said a server had slowed down and it’s causing the problem.

Online process would have removed the need for the physical presence of seller or buyer.

In a circular on Wednesday, the inspector general of registration directed sub-registrars to carry out offline registration of documents.

According to the circular, “It is advised to register documents in offline-linked online method, in the event of sub-registrar offices facing technical glitches, so people seeking registrations do not wait for more than 10 minutes.”

The district registrars have been said to visit at least four sub-registrar offices in their jurisdiction everyday to ensure visitors are not in trouble.

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