Tarot Forecast for the period 15th June to 30th June

Tarot Forecast for the period 15th June to 30th June

Gemini: Its time to stop lazing around and concentrate on your work.There are chances of a promotion.Dont misuse your influential position.Good time for property market. There are chances of clinching a new deal.

Cancer: Being more tactful while dealing with subordinates will make them respect you more.Beware of wrongful advice given by someone. Think well before investing in stocks and shares.Investing small amounts in property will prove beneficial.

Leo: Your hardwork will pay off but it will take a while for money to flow in.Minor health issues may draw your attention away from work.Past problems may ease out during the period nearing the 30th.You will be successful in managing different tasks together.

Virgo: Your attitude towards work will breed goodwill among co-workers.You will have the capacity to take care of problems. It is necessary to accept your past mistakes and rectify them.You may feel fed up of being dominated by superiors.

Libra: You will concentrate only on your work with no time for anything else. During the period nearing the 30th a new deal will keep you busy. Dont let anyone take advantage of your good nature. Dont dwell on past mistakes and concentrate on your future.

Scorpio: There maybe some problems created by people who want to act difficult. Dont under-estimate yourself as you are capable of sorting out these issues. You will find out ways to sort out differences with co-workers.This will help you concentrate on your work feeling relaxed mentally.

Saggitarius: You need to learn new things to make progress. Hard work put in by you on a new project will bring in good results. For peace of mind you need to improve relations with people around you.

Capricorn: Your honesty and hardwork will help you achieve all that you have wished for.Your success may become the envy of others. Be grateful to God for all the good things happening in your life.

Aquarius: There maybe someone creating problems for you. Meditate for peace of mind. You need to seek advice from experienced people to tide over these obstacles. Past losses in property market may soon be recovered. Dont lose hope.

Pisces: You may not get the rewards and recognition that you deserve due to the activities of some wrong people. Your health will improve due to which you will want to work with renewed energy. Be more flexible with co-workers. Take the advice of experienced persons to solve any problems you maybe facing.

Aries: You will not let past mistakes slow you down. In fact you will correct the mistakes and move ahead with full force. Try to improve relations with people at workplace. Dont be wary of putting plans into action as you are capable of facing any problems that may come your way.

Taurus: Results of hardwork maybe delayed. Being more flexible with people will help. During the period nearing the 30th you will achieve the targets you have set for yourself. Your hardwork and decision-making skills will prove beneficial.

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