Tata Steel expects Rs.20, 000crore investments in Gopalpur SEZ



By Accommodation Times News Service

Tata Steel is in discussion with foreign companies for investments up to Rs 20,000crore in heavy industries over the next five years at its Special Economic Zone (SEZ) project at Gopalpur in Odisha.

“We believe we should be able to get foreign investment between Rs 15,000 to Rs 20,000crore over the next five years at the Gopalpur SEZ,” Tata Steel SEZ Managing Director Arun Misra told.
“We are currently in discussions with 13 to 14 different investors. Talks are at various levels,” he said at the ‘Emerging India Forum 2016’ in Singapore.

The investment will be in defense, metal downstream and electronics as well as chemicals and pharmaceuticals among others, Misra, who is marketing the Gopalpur SEZ as a gateway to the South East Asian markets, said.Tata Steel is the anchor tenant for the multi-product 2,970-acre SEZ at Gopalpur in Odisha.

The UK-based Midget Corporations is setting up an assembly plant for “unmanned aerial vehicle targets” which are used by army for firing practices. Singapore consultant Subrana Jurong has completed the SEZ’s master plan with all land cleared for leasing within the 30 square km boundary.

“All master-planning has been done, the entire area has been cleared, there is no encumbrance,” Misra said. Basic utilities and road infrastructure has already been built in early development of the zone which has Tata Steel’s ferrochrome plant.

The Gopalpur SEZ, just off the National Highway 5, will be based on a Singapore model for industrial development which offers land parcels of various sizes for industries, he said.

Tata Steel SEZ will invest between Rs 2,000 and Rs 2,500crore by 2020 in the Gopalpur SEZ, for which a Tata Power plant proposal is also on the drawing board.

The company is also discussing a possible investment in expansion of Gopalpur port, about five kms away from the zone.

“We want to show that if you plan well and provide infrastructure, SEZ can be successful,” Misra added.

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