Tata Value Homes & Snapdeal partners to sell houses online

By Accommodation Times News Services

home loansTata Value Homes, a real estate firm focussed on affordable housing, has partnered with e-commerce major Snapdeal to sell houses through the online marketplace model.

They would together offer online booking of all Tata Value Homes projects on the website. Snapdeal members would be able to book a home online by paying just Rs. 30,000.

Brotin Banerjee, CEO of Tata Housing and Tata Value Homes, said in a statement, “Today India is buying increasingly on online space. From our number, we have seen that 70% of our customers come from the online medium. In addition to reaching out, online also plays a big role in influencing them. We strongly believe that India is ready to buy homes online”

Tata Value Homes, a subsidiary of Tata Housing Development Company, will continue to sell through its own portal as well. Upon possession of the house, customers buying the house through Snapdeal will get Rs 10,000 per month for a year as an assured rent as part of the deal. Customers will have to register themselves on Snapdeal before making a booking, which opens on August 28. ”Details about the project and other things are shared on the website. Registered users can book a unit for Rs 30,000 and then our offline team takes over,” he said.

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