Tax rebates on registration of property, PMC

By Accommodation Times Bureau
The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has asked to the owners of unregistered property to get registered their properties with the property tax department to get tax benefits, particularly to those structures have been built within the last six years in the limits of municipal.
Head of the property tax department Vilas Kanade said that, “The notification of the state government allows us to send notices to properties, which have been built in the last six years, but are not in the ambit of tax. Tax will be charged at the rates which were prevalent when these properties were constructed.”
He also said that, people should have to take initiative to get benefits of scheme. For example, if an owner of property has built his in 2006 then he has to pay tax according to the property tax rates during that period. Since the tax rates are less compared to the existing rates, people will be able to register their properties at comparatively lesser rates.
There are still around 45000 properties unregistered and authorities are trying their best effort to bring all these properties in tax net. Whereas, in the previous three years PMC has brought 1.27 lakh new properties under the tax net.

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