TDR tentacles engulfing chamber

Inspite of government guidelines regarding population check around sensitive installation, Chembur has mushroomed to capacity. This already overspilling ward M is now under seize by the Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) menace. This octopus is spreading its tentacles to engulf and suffocate the city of Mumbai. The authorities unthinkingly to help fill their so called governmental coffers and to line their pockets as well, in the process, have unleased a demon on this city.
Chembur, a sober suburb surrounded by a fertilizer, BARC complex, Naval Ammunition dump had restricted the FSI to 0.50 to keep the population constrained to a minimum. And quite logical with all those chemical plants, Fertilizer. BARC, any untoward accidents in one of these installation could trigger a massive death toll.
During the Sena-BJP regime the FSI was raised to 1.00 from 0.50. This was done in cahoots with local builders and developers. With ample TDR now available in the market the FSI has in practicalities risen to 2.00 to 2.50. One can just imagine what colossal strain will be added to the present, already crumbling infrastructure.
More ever Chembur falls directly on the flight path of aeroplanes (Infact planes start the descend over Chembur to approach the runaway at Santacruz airport). The FSI is going to allow building height to 24 metres. This could prove disastrous. And there are going to be 20 high rise buildings in Chembur ! Old bungalows and cottages are being pulled down to make way for high rises. The Zee Television people have not even spared a rescue home for women and are now going to construct a cine multiplex.
This strategically placed suburb is under the threat of awaiting danger what from ? nobody knows. The residents of Chembur are now organising themselves to counter this TDR menace. It is like David taking on Goliath, but all the same an effort is an effort no matter how feeble.

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