Telangana Govt to bring major changes in land record administration

landBy Accommodation Times Bureau


The Telangana Authority would soon introduce a system for administration of land records which is similar to core banking network, used in banks.

The system aims at assisting instant changes in land records whenever any transaction takes place, thus avoiding delays in the process.

Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao said in a meeting with district collectors that, “The core banking network system would be introduced. Entries and changes would be done immediately in the passbooks of (lands) buyer and seller. We are arranging high capacity computers and servers for this.”

According to state government release, the changes would be updated in a website, named “Dharani”.

Rao said “revolutionary changes” would be initiated in the administration of land records from March 12.

‘Pattadar’ (land ownership) passbooks would be distributed to landowners from March 11, CM said.

The release quoted the CM as saying at the meeting that, “Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao said that from March 11, Pattadar passbooks should be distributed in all the villages.”

He said the budget session of the Legislative Assembly would be held from March 12.

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