Tenant Have Legal Rights In Rented Housing Property

leaseBy Accommodation Times Bureau

Legal issues emerging among owners and tenants are viral in air, since decade. So,
it is extremely important as a tenant to know their rights well.
Wrangles between the landlords and tenants are too common – not only in the
country, but also in the world- despite the enactment of new laws and
pronouncement of various judgments, by different courts.
Tenants take house, land, building or any other property on rent by paying rent
through a lease or by becoming a licensee.
Sensar Pal Sharma, an advocate, informs, "The Rent Control Act (RCA) covers the
lease or the agreement signed between landlord and tenant. All disputes, if any, are
also settled according to RCA. And both, the tenant and landlord, have rights and
responsibilities during a tenancy which are drafted in a deed."
The rights of the tenancy are defined in rental agreement. Recent Supreme Court's
judgment in a litigation between the landlord and tenant, has observed that a tenant
cannot be evicted for at least five years, if, the tenant has complied with terms and
conditions of the agreement between them. The judgment also observes that tenant
can be evicted, if landlord is in the need of property for self use.

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