The arrogance of financial institutions and CIBIL

cibilBy Accommodation Times News Services

CIBIL along with associated financial institutions plot to choke credit by deterring loan seekers

 Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited, CIBIL, a credit bureau which maintains credit records of the public, with its strategy is inadvertently fashioning stringent measures to curb the liquidity flow for loans. This spells out tougher guidelines through which credit can be acquired and includes housing loans as well. CIBIL is a tongue in cheek establishment of various banks and financial institutions and operates mutually with them.


With the recent reduction in home loans, SBI got it to as low as 10% p.a, it would seem that the Real Estate sector is showing signs of sanity. There has been an observant watch by the Government to ensure that equilibrium levels are reached and the economy incisively disjoints itself from the global recessionary trend and continue, although a tad cautious, to ride on the growth train.

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