The Case Stamp Duty Waiver for WOMEN in Maharashtra

By Deep J – The Realtybuff

Recently the J&K government made an unprecedented and historic move in their state, a complete stamp duty waiver for women in the state. Such a move has many social benefits from the perspective of women empowerment and safety for them in times of unforeseen events. There are many states such as Delhi and Haryana that offer a reduced stamp duty for women, all through the effort by these states is commendable it is still very high for the objective of increasing asset ownership by women. In our countrymen still, have higher salaries than women and let’s face it the glass ceiling still exists in many parts of the country.  The tax benefits of female home ownership should also be increased. Mumbai and Delhi already have high real estate prices, I do understand the government’s position that stamp duty is an important source of revenue but considering our socio-economic circumstances, the various state governments should take inspiration from the J & K government and completely abolish stamp duty for women and actively promote home ownership and asset ownership for women.

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