The Goa of Mumbai: Vasai-Virar

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Vasai-Virar is a subdistrict of Maharashtra and comprising of Palghar District and Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR). In fact, it is the most populated area of Palghat District. As per the 2011 census, it is the 5th largest city in Maharashtra. It is located about 30 kilometres away from Mumbai on the north bank of Vasai creek, an estuary of the Ulhas River.

The Vasai-Virar town is governed by two administrative bodies – Vasai-Virar Municipal Corporation (VVMC) formed in 2010 and the Grama Panchayat. As per the 2011 census, the population of Vasai-Virar was 1,221,233.

A brief history of Vasai-Virar:

The history of this region is in fact quite interesting. According to some people, Virar gets its name from an Indian philosopher Jeevan Virar while others argue that the name is named after Goddess Eka Veera. As per local legends and Puranas, a massive temple Eka-Vira is located on the banks of River Vaitarna located at the foothills of Tunga Paryat. In ancient times, people used to end their Shurpaaraka Yatra. The temple was broken around 400 years ago by raids from the Mughals and the Portuguese.

Now, there is a big tank dedicated to Eka Veera Devi located in Virar. It is called Viraar Tirtha or Eka Virar Tirtha. A carved stone with yoginis of Ekaveera Devi is located on the west bank of Veera Tirtha currently.


Public transportation is extremely good in the Vasai-Virar town. There are a large number of public buses with which you can commute to Mumbai city, Thane, Mulund and Mira-Bhayandar as well as within the Vasai-Virar town.

Like all places in and around Mumbai, Vasai-Virar is extremely well-connected through the railway network. It is located in the Western Railway and Central Railway lines. The major railway stations in this city are the Virar railway station, Nala Sopara railway station, Vasai railway station, Naigaon railway station, Juchandra railway station and Kaman Road railway station. Trains to downtown Mumbai is available every 5 minutes.

Living in Vasai-Virar

The twin areas of Vasai-Virar provide affordable options for housing and commercial settlements. Vasai-Virar has several good schools including several global schools. Some of the prominent names include Pyramid Global School, St. Augustines School, St. Peters English High School and St. Annes Convent School. There are several hospitals as well such as IASIS Hospital, Cardinal Gracias Memorial Hospital, Navjeevan Hospital and Indradhanush Hospital.

Vasai-Virar has several malls as well, the prominent ones being Viva Swastik Mall and Dattani square mall in Vasai and Mataji Krupa Complex and Rokso India Ali Plaza in Virar.


Real-estate-wise, the asset values of Virar have doubled in the last few years. It is a location of choice for low-income groups because of the availability of everything that someone needs to live at a reasonable cost.

Virar East: Property is available at a wide range in Virar East with an upward trend in prices. The price range in Virar East is Rs 4.20 Lacs to Rs 65.00 Lacs with the average price being at Rs 20.56 Lacs. The floor price in Virar East varies from Rs 1748 to Rs 14000 per sq.ft. and the average price is around Rs 9900 per sq.ft. Since the price trend is upward, Virar East is a great choice for making any property related investments.

Virar West: If you are looking for a place to settle down or you want to make an investment, Virar West is a good choice to go for. The floor rates in Virar West ranges from Rs 2650 to Rs 52000 per sq.ft. with the average price being around Rs 20,000 per sq.ft. Although the price range in Virar West is higher than Virar East with property prices starting from Rs 14.00 Lakhs and ranging up to Rs 6.58 Crores and the average price is around Rs 34.97 Lakhs, Virar West is a great option to invest since there is an upward trend in property prices.


The property rates in both Vasai east and west fluctuate and both are good options for investors to make some money.

Vasai East: One can buy a property for as low as Rs 4.00 Lakhs with the average price ranging around Rs 35.90 lakhs. The price range of property is wide – between Rs 4.00 Lakhs to Rs 3.65 Crores. Speaking about floor rates, the average price in Vasai East varies from Rs 2667 to Rs 7813 per sq.ft., with the average being around Rs 6613 per sq. ft. Currently, Vasai East has a downward price range and therefore investors are suggested to wait for sometime to make some investments.

Vasai West: Similar to Vasai East, one can buy a property for as low as Rs 4.00 Lakhs in Vasai West too. However, the average property price here is higher at Rs 68.92 Lakhs. The range of price of properties in Vasai West is Rs 4.00 Lakhs to Rs 7.25 Lakhs. The floor price varies from Rs 1200 to Rs 8000 per sq.ft. with the average price being around Rs 7400 per sq. ft. The price trend in Vasai West is upward making it a perfect option to invest in.

Prominent developers like Rustomjee, Ekta Developers and Mayfair Housing have developed projects in Vasai-Virar.

Places to see in Vasai-Virar:-

Vasai-Virar, the twin area is often called Mini Goa with houses lined with coconut and banana trees and lots of greenery around. There are a number of beaches, although they are in desperate need of some cleaning. One of the prominent places to visit is the Jivdani Temple which is located atop a hill in Virar and is dedicated to Goddess Jivdani Mata. The hill is a part of the Satpura Ranges. One has to climb 2000 steps to reach the main shrine. Arnala Beach is the most prominent of the four beaches of this area, this beach is lined with coconut trees and an excellent spot to spend quality time with family. There are multiple resorts here and the beach is pretty crowded. If you want to stay away from the crowd, you can head to the other beaches such as the Rajodi beach or the Navapur beach. One can also go to Vasai fort which was built by the Portuguese.

Vasai-Virar is a good location to stay and invest. It is away from Mumbai and yet it is well-connected to the city. If one wants to stay connected to Mumbai, yet want a more affordable place, Vasai-Virar is the best choice.

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