The Pune International Airport in land trouble

By Accommodation Times News Service

After much chaos of Navi Mumbai International Airport, the planned international airport at Chakan in Pune has also run into land acquisition problem. The Government is facing difficulties in acquiring the 3,300 hectares of land required for the project. The plan was to acquire land from seven villages in Chakkan. However since most of the affected land is under the irrigation, villages have presented a stiff opposition to the move. The other plan was to take land acquired for a private SEZ in the area has also hit a hurdle with Special Economic Zone developer unwilling to part with all the land.  CM, Prithviraj Chavan was informed about the difficulties in finalizing a site for the airport. In last attempt CM asked officials to examine the feasibility of setting up the project on another piece of land.

The Maharashtra Airport Authority Chairman Mr. Madan said, we are trying to find feasible solution that does not affect the SEZ project. Officials will be conducting the feasibility survey for new site which will take a month.  This land, however, is only about 1,000 hectares, way short of what was initially planned. Madan agreed that the airport project might have to be downscaled. With the Navi Mumbai airport facing land acquisition trouble, the government is considering the Chakan airport as an alternative option to decongest air traffic over Mumbai.

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