The Virar-Oval Maidan elevated corridor will shrink till Bandra: State govt.

virar oval maidan corridor






By Accommodation Times News Service

The state government put forward a proposal to the centre stating to cut short the length of the proposed Virar-Oval Maidan elevated rail corridor to make it more feasible till Bandra. The shrinking of the corridor will reduce the cost by 40%.

The state government giving a very valid reason saying the number of the people using the elevated rail corridor will come down drastically because of the proposed Metro 3 line i.e. Colaba- Bandra Seepz which will make the stretched corridor waste of utility. Chief Secretary Maharashtra JK Banthia said, also the centre wants the state to take the responsibility if it fails to honor the state support agreement which includes shifting utilities delay in providing right to way etc. If figures to be believed the total distance of the Virar-Oval Maidan Corridor are 62.268km which cost Rs.21, 000crore at 26 proposed stations.

The governments’ new idea has obviously created havoc and mixed reactions from the transport experts and rail authorities. The railway officials’ feels curtailing the elevated rail corridor to Bandra won’t help reduce congestions. A railway official said, we are constructing 6th line up to Bandra which will help segregate the suburban and long distance traffic making space for more trains to run. Contrary to this the transport experts welcomed the idea; the commercial development is shifting to Bandra and Goregaon. Therefore the traffic growth would be mainly between Bandra and Virar. With three different lines traffic would be segregated.

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