Ticket size offices and apartments are in more demand in the market

By Accommodation Times News Service

The real estate market is in deem builders and developers are planning new strategies to attract buyers to buy properties. They have noticed that buyers are interested in small space properties, as they are affordable. Hence, builders and developers are aiming to increase sales through the concept of small housing at affordable rates. They are inventing new schemes to attract buyers by providing easy purchasing offers. They are offering investment options along with easy payment structures, to facilitate the buyers. Private Equity companies also to gain full control on the project, they are purchasing part of the project instead of acquiring the whole project.

The developers are also applying the strategy of small spacing in the commercial sector also, in order to increase sale of commercial properties.  Because, corporate are delaying their expense plan.  According to the market analysis the companies do not require big commercial spaces, as they are trying to avoid expenses. Builders and developers these days targeting small business men, professionals from different fields like lawyers, C.A’s. They are offering them compact offices on easy payment structure basis, through this strategy they are aiming to gain small but good business.

Developers are also targeting property buyers, they have special schemes for them through which they are attracting them. They are facilitating them with monthly investments, 20:80 deferred payment scheme and offering fully furnished offices. Ticket size offices of 500-1000 sq. ft. area are more in demand and are sold on large scale, as they are low in cost users and investors both can afford the costing. Developers say, there is low margin on sale of small size properties, but still they are generating profits and helping in increasing the volumes.

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