Title Certificate: Kerala To Become First State To Solve Tribal Settlement

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By Accommodation Times Bureau

Within a year, Kerala will be the first state to solve the problems of the tribal settlement, said AK Balan, SC/ ST Minister. In the past days, 1,500 adivasi families were given Patti in the state and around 9,000 families are now getting the title. Over 6,000 people have been approached to issue a certificate of right of ownership under the Central Forest Rights Act.

The certificate will be issued within two months and measures will be taken to get land for the revenue department from the Forest Authority. The remaining 3,000 families will be provided with the land, he said at the inauguration of model rehabilitation program implemented at Aralam farm.

Fencing is currently being constructed in the Aralam Farm area for three years to prevent wildlife. That is not enough. In fact, 16 km fencing should be built. The minister said the department will also pay Rs 8 crore for this.

Minister Douglas Devananda inaugurated the work of Comprehensive Development Project (FIC) for Rs 85.21 crore which includes several schools project, construction projects, etc.

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