To protect heritage buildings various metro rail corporations are taking remedial steps

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Several remedial steps have been taken by the corporations/agencies implementing the metro rail projects to protect the heritage buildings / old buildings. Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL), Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) and Jaipur Metro Rail Corporation Limited (JMRCL) have reported that concerns were raised to heritage buildings / old buildings in some locations.

In case of Chennai Metro Rail Limited, as part of precautionary measures, strengthening and propping arrangements and even temporary evacuation are being implemented in case of structurally weak buildings to ensure safety of the buildings. In the event of significant impact on any building, the repair works are undertaken based on the recommendations given by the experts from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras.

Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation has carried out, prior to tunnelling, Building Condition Study of all the buildings within the influence zone of tunnel to ascertain the effect of tunnelling on these buildings. The buildings which are analysed to be unsafe during tunnelling are evacuated. Once the tunnelling is completed below these buildings, buildings are inspected and handed over in good condition.

Jaipur Metro Rail Corporation carried out an environment impact assessment with assistance from Asian Development Bank (ADB). A joint Committee of JMRC and Archaeology & Museums Department of Government of Rajasthan has been set up to periodically review the work from the angle of safety of the heritage buildings and sites. Adequate safeguards have been built in the conditions of contract awarded for execution of the tunnelling work.

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