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Modern contemporary architectural style is fast emerging in India. This category serves as a bridge between modernism and post-modernism and is driven by eco-sustainability, implementing new materials and new technologies to provide a better quality of life in your workplace. Modern contemporary architecture promotes a sustainable approach towards construction that appreciates and develops smart growth, architectural tradition and classical design.

Given the nature of today’s work processes, top firms are redesigning their offices to encourage interaction, creativity, and spontaneous collaboration.The Twenty-first-century design responds to employee needs for personalized and individually controlled spaces, dynamic technology requirements, and changing business models. The hospitality and retail industries are experiencing a shift toward entertainment interiors, or “experience design.” The forthcoming years will foresee advent of new technology and architecture adapted by corporate houses as they are now getting aware of the importance of having a dynamic structure characterized mostly with glass facades, ornamentation and modular designs.


Informed by a green sensibility and a renewed commitment to versatile utility, the following design trends are building momentum, and will reshape the beautification of the city and the environment in long run.

Including plants at corporate houses can greatly enhance the natural ambience. Plants not only look nice, but they also release oxygen into the air, and some of them can actually filter some pollutants out of the air (spider plants are said to do this). Maintaining an indoor/outdoor feeling with large glass areas looking out onto a patio can do wonders to an otherwise confining space.

Thermal Comfort is created through the right combination of temperature, airflow and humidity. A combination of these elements is required for physical comfort at the workplace. Incorporating thermal comfort in office area definitely bequeaths the workplace with better airflow.

One new trend in modern contemporary architecture is to significantly reduce the impact of congestion, through intelligent structural engineering and environmentally friendly design. The office should be designed keeping in mind the penetration of maximize sunlight.Access to Nature, Views and Daylight and the presence of daylight and windows, as well as opportunities for active and passive contact with nature, sensory change and variability, positively impact well-being. Daylight helps people regulate circadian rhythms, and reduces stress.

Modern Contemporary architecture also encompasses incorporating open, savanna-like terrain with scattered trees and shrubs near a body of water, which acts as a stress buster and definitely affects a worker’s ability to stay alert. Large expanses of neutral-colored workstations, all with the same height and texture, typically do not support human productivity.


Among the natural materials that are both aesthetically pleasing and benign glass is definitely preferred by corporate houses as besides getting in natural daylight it can make a office space look larger and also open up extra floor space. Being recyclable in nature, durable, noise control, resistance to corrosion, low maintenance, acoustical comforts (with double glazed glass facades), will definitely be significant in balancing the environment and making it biodegradable.

Modern contemporary architecture ensures that cutting-edge designers and engineers are putting nature into practice with sustainable architecture principles like biophilia and biomimicry to ensure that the work environment is not stimulating as the employees lose focus and creative drive. An environment devoid of sensory stimulation and variability can lead to boredom and passivity.

The Up-and-coming designs that are shaping the corporate houses will truly add a completely new meaning in giving a modern exterior look with chic interiors also ensuring complete ecological balance.


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