Trump Tower Quotes Premium Price For Kolkata Debut

trumpBy Accommodation Times Bureau

USA President Donald Trump's super luxurious real estate brand that costs a
fortune aroud the world is going to sell in Kolkata for half of what it costsin other
countries, says Tribeca, the Indian representative of Trump Organisation's and co-
developer of the Trump Tower in Kolkata. According to Tribeca the EM Bypass
project is the most affordable ever to bear the US President's signature.
The starting price of apartment in the project -Rs 4 crore- will be nearly half of
what it would cost to purchase into any other Trump Tower in the world, which are
priced between $1 million and $20 million.
Also unlike other Trump Towers that enjoy a premium in the neighbourhood, the
ticket price of luxury projects like Atmosphere in the adjoining plot or Vivara next
to Marriott is higher than that the upcoming Trump Tower behind Science City.
The US President's son Donald Trump Jr, who now manages the business empire,
is expected in Kolkata this November to launch the project. "There are very few
Trump Towers across the world and the iconic building in Kolkata will be among
them. Like other Trump Towers, it is an address that one can flaunt and gain
immediate attention and recognition. Yet unlike the high premium that access to a
Trump Tower usually commands, this trophy asset comes at a very attractive
price," said Kalpesh Mehta, Managing Partner of Tribeca.
The project promoters, however, refute the pricing is a reflection of President
Donald Trump's image that has taken a beating ever since he was sworn in as US
President. With his often-shocking tweets and gaffes, Trump is considered one of

the most unpopular US Presidents in recent memory with net approval rating
below 0 in the first 100 days in office.
Unimark Group director Harsh Patodia, the principal partner in the project that has
the RDB Group as its third partner, said the aggressive launch pricing was partly
aimed at rejuvenating interest in a rather sluggish luxury market.
"We did not wish to over-price the product. Instead, we wanted to introduce
Kolkata to wellticketed luxury. By the time the projects get completed in 2020, we
want to ensure that a bulk of the condos are sold," Patodia said.
Apart from Kolkata-based successful entrepreneurs and top professionals, the
project whose marketing will begin after Diwali has attracted the interest of those
in the mining business in Patna, Ranchi, Jamshedpur, Bhubaneswar and elsewhere
in the east. The marketing team also expect sales among NRIs, particularly
Democrat supporters.

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