PRE-BUDGET: Rationalise GST rates by capping at 6% says Niranjan Hiranandani

Hiranandani now forays into commercial realty businessBy Accommodation Times Bureau


Dr. Niranjan Hiranandani – National President – NAREDCO & CMD Hiranandani Communities.

“The real estate sector has been at the forefront of the Indian Governments agenda given its potential to propel economic growth significantly. It is imperative that this sector gets the due weight in the upcoming budget for policies and incentives that enhance the development of the sector. I would look upon the forthcoming budget to take things to the next level – so that several initiatives which have become ”Walk the Talk”, get expedited and become a reality faster – and ensure that India’s home seeker get their ‘ dream home’

While the list of expectations is long, key expectations are listed below:

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