Upsurge in Bihar’s real estate market

By Accommodation Times (

The real estate market is going through from hard times across the country whereas Bihar property market has a different story. The state’s property fraction has emerged as new attraction for realtors in the recent couple of years as several upcoming projects and highrise towers have attracted to investors too.
Check out this: Three room flat in Patna’s Rajendra Nagar neighbourhood was available for even less than 10 lakh in 2003. Today, it would cost something between 50 lakh and 60 lakh, registering more than a five-fold increase.
Similarly in several other areas such as Nageshwar colony and SK Puri, flat prices are uprising on the other hand now Aam Admi can also imagine for house in Patna as well as western peripheries.
However, commercial properties also have sharp rise in valuations such as Dak Bungalow and Boring Road have also seen sharp appreciation in valuation, from 5,000 per sq ft to 20,000-to-25,000 per sq ft.

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