Valuation for re-development proposal of property by proposing to utilise T.D.R. & fungible F.S.I.

By Ar. Bharat C. Shah

Development in major part of suburbs of Mumbai is redevelopment of co-operative society buildings and while society proposes to go for redevelopment there are several issues which managing committee has to deal with and one of the important decision the society has to take, what amount towards corpus be ask for from the developer?

With recent modifications in Development Control Regulations for Greater Mumbai the scenario has drastically changed, more so, because of introduction of Fungible F.S.I.

Case study given here under may help valuers as well as societies to arrive at a reasonable figure for corpus amount to be ask for from the developer.

Development in Mumbai is governed by the Development Control Regulations for Greater Mumbai, 1991 & amended from time to time.

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