Vastu Shastra

The basic necessity of civilized man is shelter. Shelter not only shelters us from the vagaries of Nature but shapes man’s destiny into a wonderful form by bringing into symmetry the PANCH BHOOTAS namely EARTH, WATER, WIND, FIRE and SKY.

Vastu is essentially that science which demands correct placement of its structures and balancing of NATURAL forces or Pancha Bhoothas. Vastu today has attained UNIVERSAL application countries like America, China and Japan. The word “Vastu” has its origin in “VASA” meaning ‘Inhabitation’ and Shastra’, as Sanskrit word, equivalent to the modern concept of ‘Science’. To sum up, Vastu is the science of inhabitation. So, Vastu and engineering are like TWO sides of the same COIN. Vastu indicates the proportion and ratios to be used. Of human society. This successfully proves that Vastu is the concept applicable all times and in all Ages. Vastu Shastra ensures optimum utilisation of material resources in accordance with the shape of the building, the are a to be utilised, the dimensions, symmetry of doors and windows and amalgamation with the structures both inside and outside. Every construction namely residential house, office, factory, industry, commercial sites and business complexes will flourish and profit only by the application of Vastu Principles.
1. Vastu depicts the advantages and disadvantages involved in construction of structures.
2. Vastu Shastra essentially reveals the art of the correct placement of all its structures and its components in a building structure.
The application of Vastu from age old days upto modern period and its universal nature, observing carefully and cautiously all the elevations, depressions, topography, squaring and angling in accordance with its principles will enhance our Health, Wealth and Prosperity.
Constructions with Improper Vastu Principles and their effects :
1. Many people so called rich, living in fabulous mansions may not be truly rich and happy. But a person on daily wages living in a small house may be truly rich and happy. The cause may be attributed to the application of Vastu.
2. Quarrels among the family members, JUDICIAL problems, rivalry between Business partners are attributed to the defects in the application of Vastu Shastra.
3. Financial problems like debts, poor savings and extravagant expenditure are caused by the defects of Vastu.
4. Defects in Vastu Shastra lead to many problems and upsets in business, disturbing the very basic set up itself and ultimately resulting in regular losses and finally frequent changes in profession.
5. Frequently an industry, observing all the Vastu Principles with less facilities, resources and lack of experience may be flourishing profitably, but the case may not be the same with another industry though provided with all facilities, resources, skilled and experienced persons.
6. Legal problems, Industrial disputes, Labour problems, Low Production failing to START the industry, and if started, frequent breakdowns, failing to reap a good fruit for their labour are all due to improper applications of Vastu.
7. In certain cases, once a profitably running industry when takes over another industry will now been found on the path of losses. No doubt, Vastu holds on this.
Just as we cautiously supervise over our health, food habits and others, thus protecting out body from all ill health, in the same way we have to take the helping hand of Vastu Shastra which saves us from all sorts of upheavals, thus granting us all round happiness and prosperity. A site satisfying the Vastu Principles ensures Peace and Prosperity, making a SWEET HOME. Vastu effects both the owner and the tenant. Just at in : 1. Bad effects if Street focus, Road absorption and Road hit, defects of North West go a long way in affecting us. But this can be balanced by Vastu Principles.
2. If North East is according to Shastra, Prosperity prevails.
3. Over Head Water Tanks in the South West is advantageous, though in few cases, that on North West or South East is acceptable. But that on North East is not acceptable.
4. Constructing a Kitchen in East South is favourable. Though in some cases this can also be in South West direction and North West direction, but never in North East or in the room in North Easterly directions.
5. Twisting the pillars while construction to North East direction involves many defects due to the projection of edges. This only enhances the defects of the structure ultimately resulting in the clashing of the projected parts with the neighbouring projections.
6. Main Entrance of any Site, Industry Floor or any type of structure also play an important role in Vastu.
Thus PEACE, PROPERITY, HEALTH and NATURE of the inhabitant and his family members will develop only by observing and adopting the principles of Vastu in placing Steps, Roofs, Verandahs, Machinery, Industrial Sheds, Insulation, Underground and Overhead Tanks, Boilers, Generators, Wells, Cooling-Towers, Outhouses, Flooring both interiors and exterior, Drainage tanks, Lines, Cooking Furnace, Border walls, Heights and thickness, Bedrooms sleeping postures and placement of Sitting Chambers all play an effective role.

Shape of the Site (Part-I)
The symmetrical geometry of shape is good in general. However, irregular or unsymmetrical shape is not good always. The various shapes and their possible effects are summarised herein below :

Square / Rectangular Overall growth
Circular Increases mental capabilities.
Hexagonal Prosperity
Oval Shape Inauspicious.
Triangular Loss due to fire, Govt. harassment, Penalty, etc.
Parallelogram Financial losses, Quarrels in family
Star Quarrel and Litigations, Destruction of peace.
Trident Quarrel, Loss of peace.
Tortoise Tragic Death or Imprisonment
Bow Various troubles, Fear from enemies
Cart Shape Illness & Poverty
Reverse Cart Loss due to theft
Trapezium Unhappiness, Loss of wealth
Mridanga (Small Drum) Death of wife.
Semi-Circular Poverty
Hand Fan (Axe Shape) Loss of cattle & loss of wealth.
Wheel Shape Poverty
Bird Beak Unhappiness

Shape of the Site (Part-II)

If the Square or Rectangular geometry is deformed due to extensions or reductions at various corners, the effects will be as mentioned below : –

North-East Corner Good for Growth
South–East Corner Illness, Poor Growth of children, Financial Loss &Unwanted Expenditure, Quarrel and Litigations
South-West Corner Financial Loss, Ill Health, Accidental Injury, Displeasure & Mental Unhappiness, Defamation.
North-West Corner Financial Loss, Weak for Human Growth, Unhappiness & Mental unrest, Enemity & Defamation.

North-East Corner Financial Loss, Ill Health, Unhappiness & Enemity.
South-East Corner
(If SW corner is 90°) Good for Growth
(But, if SW corner is
less than 90°) Financial Loss, Unhappiness & Loss of Reputation.
South-West Corner Ill Health, Poor for Human Growth, Financial Loss & Unwanted Expenses, Mental unrest, Litigation, Loss of Position or Reputation.
North-West Corner
(If SW corner is 90°) Good for Growth.
(But, if SW corner is Ill Health, Accidental Injury & mental Unhappiness less than 90°).

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