Vatika Group will invest Rs. 250 Cr.

By Accommodation Times Bureau

Delhi: One of the Real Estate giant ‘Vatika Group’ will invest Rs. 250 Cr. In next 5 years. It will mainly
invest in the corporate buildings wherein furnished office spaces and other related ameneties will be
taken care of for the consumers.
‘Vatika Business Centre’ of Vatika Group has established their 8 centers’ in the cities like Gurgaon,
Benagaluru, Hyderabad, Pune and Mumbai. The company has 2 lac sq. ft. office spaces to be rendered.
Vatika Business Centre’s CEO, Mr. Sharad Lumba confirmed the amount of office space they have in
possession. He also added that they have plans to widen their business in Kolkata and Chennai. It is
believed by Mr. Lumba that there has been an increasing demand for the development of business
centers. Keeping that in mind the company has developed four business centers in past two years
According to the new development, the number of centers will be increased to 22 from 8.Hence, the
company will require 4 lac sq. ft. The finance required for the project will be borrowed from the banks
as loans and also from other trusted sources. Mr. Lumba also specified that it will buy company office
spaces from its own group or from other builders.

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