Wadala- destination turning into development

By Accommodation Times News Service

Wadala has gone a major makeover sporting a brand new look

If we go to see the trend a normal buyer would never go out of its city limits mainly called ‘’suburbs’’ to seek a home. They had a very clear and cut choice of buying somewhere within the limits. But today with a boom in population and prices many developers with exception and one of the leading one in the markets have stretch themselves beyond the borders and have proved to be the benchmark development at present. One such very good example of this development is destination Wadala.

Sometime back a homebuyer use to think twice that why he should buy a home in Wadala, today the value of the flats being doubled it has become difficult for buy one. In fact, one is trying to book a second flat as well and take advantage of the value appreciation. Well this sudden approach towards the city has not been changed in one night; well spent years of infrastructure development have changed the mindset of the people. Previously this town was the last choice however the combination of lifestyle projects over the years; offices spaces have totally transformed Wadala.

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