Water level Dangerously low in Khardi

khardiBy Accommodation Times News Services

On Mumbai Nashik Road, a town called Khardi is suffering water scarcity since November. In summer, it becomes worst. All the 26 Bore well in the village are becoming dry and villagers are accusing concretisation of Khardi. The nala starts near the Dhanori Hill and after crossing the Pune-Ahmendnagar Road, enters Kharadi and drains in the Mula Mutha river behind the Kharadi village. Portions of the nala were concretised by the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), two years ago.

The township has very little water source from PMC and in summer it becomes worst. New projects which are coming up as affordable housing are signing Water Affidavit with PMC and P&C C to not to claim water for new constructions. All the hopes are on bore wells which are not suitable for drinking water that too are running dry.

Khardi is a town in Thane district, Maharashtra. It is also a station on the Mumbai Suburban Railway system on the Central line route between Kalyan and Kasara

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