Water Logging and Illegal Hawkers are major issues in Bandra Khar, Mumbai

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By Dr Sanjay Chaturvedi
When you purchased costliest flats in the suburbs, it was for pride ownership and family’s pride and privilege in life. But unfortunate things happen in life. After purchasing flat for Rs.22 crore one just cant remove his Merc or BMW on roads. Roads are congested and illegal hawkers have become road mafias. Linking Road is one of the biggest mafia den of Hawkers and internal roads and village in Khar W have become imported cloth merchants godowns and store. The entire city get cloths from Khar west. We are waiting for a big fire inferno in these areas since small lanes and villages of Khar west along with haphazard way of TDR buildings with narrow lane for access, the area has become most notorious and vulnerable for crime. Small girls and ladies are fearing to stroll in these areas. Maximum crime of looting have been reported in Bandra and Khar West in entire western suburbs.
Water logging along Bandra West, Linking Road, Pali Naka, Union Park, Hill Road, Reclamation and some part of Band Stand is worst thing to happen. Mehboob Studio till the Gazibo Mall is low lying areas. The rates are coming down as people have been shifting to other part of the city. Flats are available for less than half as was reached in 2012. The rates have fallen to 29000/- to 32000/-. Many projects are stalled and due to huge Redevelopment of Societies proposals there will be 50 lakh sq ft coming in 2015, the rates will certainly fall.

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