We are planning to double the open space in Mumbai: CM

By Accommodation Times News Services

CM Devendra FadnavisThe state government would plan to work out on a comprehensive policy to increase open space in Mumbai, said Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis on Tuesday, “We are planning to double the open space in the city, the plan is to increase the open space for per resident to 2 square meter.”

“Mumbai city is one of the most populated city, the population density here is very high, so it is very important to have open space and recreation grounds. A attempt to double the open space is high on our agenda.” Further he added that, “Provision to set aside open space would be incorporated while sanctioning the city’s development plan. All the details would be progressed in a policy which will also consider modification of slum redevelopment schemes, recreational grounds and gardens.”

This matter was discussed during a meeting held with city MLAs, when a MLA asked about the government’s opinion over open space and plot reservation policy. The MLA’s demanded for increasing the availability of open spaces and ground in the city for pubic.

CM assured that the government will plan for more vertical developments and see how slum redevelopment could facilitate in doubling the open space in the city.

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