What you should look before renting a flat as a tenant

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Renting an apartment is necessity when you cannot or don’t want to buy a property. Sometimes a short stay for employment purpose or some time it is not economically viable. Precautions you should take before renting an apartment. Presuming you have negotiated for rent and deposits, let us see what you should check before entering into an agreement.

Car Park: Majority of societies in India do not allow car park of the tenant. Although the owner will say that car park is there but when you enter into contract and go to stay, society do not allow your car inside. Worst cases have seen that though society write it on notice board that one car park is allowed for tenant, but they refuse it on pretext of non availability of parking space.

Gas Connection : Gas pipelines are best preferred while entering into temporary accommodation. Gas Cylinders are sold in black by the dealers and you sometimes don’t get it out of turn even by paying black premium. Gas pipelines are must for tenants as they have to pay just what they consume. Please check the meter reading before you start using it or else you may end up paying someone else’s bill. The metered units must be mentioned in the lease agreement.

Water : Agents make you inspect the property when water is running into taps. But it may be for just one hour during which you inspected. Water scarcity in most of the areas of the city during summer is observed.

Red Light Area: Often we inspect properties in a day time when unsocial elements disappear. You must inspect property in a day time as well as in night time. In night, you know how the area is. Can your children go alone and shop kirana provisions in the evening?

Accessibility : Travelling to your work place, regular routine like airports, railways and metros. Rickshow availability , taxis and other mode of travelling convenience must be seen.

Neighborhood : Cemetery, Nallah, Garbage dump, foul odor, chemical plants, Tabela, Butcherkhana, narrow lanes, Religious places like Mosque, Temple, Buddhiest centres for loud sounds, Landing and take off of planes, congestion of traffic etc. Veg and Non veg society.

Amenities in the premises: Basic amenities like lifts/ elevators , security, facility management etc also should be checked.

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