When your Housing Society’s Managing Committee does not give you documents, what to do?

apartmentsBy Accommodation Times News Services

By J B Patel

Quite often, the managing committee of your co-operative housing society refuses to give you crucial documents or information. This happens when you have a dispute with the society. How to get those documents? I recommend four steps:



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8 thoughts on “When your Housing Society’s Managing Committee does not give you documents, what to do?

  1. Hi,
    what is the security of NRI’s investment in India as there is too much problem in india for maintainance, socity people acts as an mafia if they know u are from overseas and by threterning go on taking out monry from u every time we settle amout and every time they cary forward past intrest in new statment inspite of giving credit money to post statment they never pposted but take out money from accont and show errors, and when i talk about to go to all my relative says dont go there is lots of courption is there and it is never ending lenthy process and ultimetly you will get tired, it is better you give them what they are asking and sell of flat as your socity peoples are gunda’s and u will not win oposite to them, and all this happening has discourage to invest in india.

  2. I had requested in writing to my society give me society stamped and signed copies of original sale agreement between the 1st owner and the builder and also the car parking plan copy. After 45 days got a reply from the society stating that they cannot give me the copies of the same but has to obtain from previous owners which they do not have.

    Under this circumstances what step can I take against the society

  3. There is parking problem in my society .builder has sold all the parkings so some flat owners have two parking n some has four parking so we don’t have any parking so Wt to do pls help me Where should I go n file complain pls help me

  4. Society made in 2010 signed an agreement with builder in 2011 for building redevelopment has not signed M-20 bond. Is the redevelopment agreement is valid.

  5. my father in law used to stay with my sister in law in a 2BHK flat . After my father in law’s death I came to know that this flat was transferred to my sister in law’s name without the consent of other legal hiers. my wife is also one of the legal hiers and want to know this transfer transaction so can she ask the society to allow the inspection of documents , is there any provision in law to ask for such documents. The society cannot transfer flat without the NOC from other legal hiers….pl revert back…thanks

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