Who benefits the most from living in a township?

By  Kaizad Hateria, Brand Custodian & Chief Customer Delight Officer, Rustomjee Group

A town typically is a collection of families living together, sharing a common area and its facilities. Enjoying each other’s company on occasion and celebrating festivities in a communal manner. Small businesses ensure that the needs of the townsfolk are met. Schools and hospitals are there as well as other infrastructure to make life a comfortable journey.

A township, like its namesake, is not very different from a small town. In fact, it takes the infrastructure, facilities and amenities of a town several steps further. A township usually boasts of a school, medical facilities, activity centre, environment-friendly features like sewage treatment and rainwater harvesting and above all amenities that will provide an elevated standard of living.

The best part about living in a township is that there is something for everyone to appreciate and enjoy; something to make their lives much more enjoyable and extremely convenient. Speaking of convenience, the most important factor about township living that appeals to everyone across the board is the fact that with every requirement for daily living practically at your doorstep, one never need to undergo the travails of travel and cope with traffic and connectivity issues. From entertainment and fitness to shopping and even personal grooming everything is available in a township.

Usually, in a township, at least 50% of the area is not developed and used instead to create wonderful landscaped gardens, walking and jogging tracks and open spaces. These appeal to everyone, especially in the case of joint families or seniors living alone, the gardens give them the much-needed space to take walks, communicate with each other, even watch their grandchildren play. Kids, of course, love the freedom that such space affords them. Many a childhood are stifled in standalone buildings and it is in only in townships where they can really let loose and play games while in the company of the many other kids who are part of the townships. Both seniors and kids will never have any dearth of the company in a township.

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