Who’s Responsible for ‘Leakage’ Repairs?????

Monika Hissaria Article

By Accommodation Times News Service
By Adv Monika Hissaria

Introduction-Everyone is waiting for rainy season and now finally after a long wait the season of rainy is finally going to be arrived. But what is the first thought which comes into general public minds when we have our anticipation about the rains??? Hmmm… hold on… let me share you my intuition about it. It’s about leakage, flat’s walls getting wet during the monsoon and the list goes on. There is often a lot of dispute and complaints about it between the society and its members and the society and its committee do not respond to any of the complains of its members that who shall be really held responsible for it. And now here is the answer for it.

The answer of your each and every questions and dilemma is cited under section 160 of model bye-laws  which says that the following Repairs and Maintenance of the Society’s property shall be carried out by the society at its cost:

A)(i) All Internal Roads
(ii) Compound walls
(iii) External water pipes
(iv)Water pumps
(v) Water storage tanks
(vi) Drainage lines
(vii) Septic tanks
(viii) stair-cases
(ix) Terrace and parapet walls
(x) Roof of flats
(xi) Staircases lights
(xii) Street lights
(xiii) Outside walls of the building/buildings
(xiv) All leakages of water (xv) electric lines up to main switches in the flats and (xvi) lifts if any
(xvii) Roofs of the flat and ceiling and the plaster thereon on the top floor on account of the leakages of the rain water through the terrace.

(B) All these are exhaustive in nature and the repairs not covered by the underneath  Bye-law, shall be carried out by the members at their cost.     

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  1. Article is very helpful. If socy is not registered,and some members are are running it unathorisingly-not repairing terrace leakage, what is the remedy. Pl let me know.
    N k Pathak

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