Wining Wives

By Sanjay Chaturvedi
Wives are key decision makers, as far as purchasing homes are concerned. Study conducted by Accommodation Times Education and Research Foundation reveals vital fact about the key decision making process, while selecting homes. Out of 100, almost 83 properties were finalised by wives and rest by friends.
A deep influence on social living of a married man comes from his spouse. To please her and make their relationship strong, men like to leave the decision to their wives to finalise the property purchase.
In Mumbai, out of 413 flat purchase transactions, 344 deals were finalised only after wives opted for them. Rest were influenced by the friends and relatives living in that area. (*Taken up examples for study)
Main areas, where wives have their valuable opinion while finalizing the deals were : ambience and space in kitchen, utility area, door, main entrance to the building, nearby market place, schools and social infrastructure.
Same is the case with Delhi, where 230 flats were taken up for study. Almost 80 percent of them were decided by the better halfs. They also influence on their home loan lending institute.
In Ahmedabad and Chennai, although the cases were odd in nature, they approved the theory of decision making while purchasing a property.
Wives were influenced by the budget restrictions imposed by their husbands, but these cases were almost negligible in all the Cities.
Working wives were not very much involved in decision making, but at the same time they enhanced the budget to purchase a quality construction property.
Most of the homes were searched by the wives in Delhi, while Mumbai wives were not keen on searching their dream homes. Upgradation, family dispute and desire for bigger accommodation were the main motive behind the buying of flats.
Romantic interior decoration is also attracting the young couples while purchasing new accommodation. Here also wives decide about the particular shade of paint, furniture and artifacts.
Keeping the mood and personality the woman has, interior decorators also putting all their efforts to please his clients and their moods..
It is now not the men but the power of woman who is behind all the success of his man. To put it in a nutshell, men are putting everything in the game to please their wives, and the market all set for winning wives.

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