YEIDA land transfer policy got changed

By Accommodation Times News Service

The policy of land transfers is now gone through some changes to curb the black marketing of land allotments in the Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (YEIDA) area. The changes done states that the allottees would now be required to enter into ‘’agreements-to-lease’’ with the Authority to be able to transfer their allotments. This replaces an earlier policy, in practice since the inception of the Authority wherein allotments could be transferred without entering into agreements. The new policy would prevent land allotments from changing several hands before the actual signing of lease deeds. It would also help increase revenues for the state government in terms of stamp duties paid through registration of plots.

One of the senior official of the authority said, substantial losses were being caused to the state exchequer on account of this practice in terms of non- payment of stamp duties. The new policy of land transfers as per officials has already got the approval of the board of the authority. But the new policy is not applicable for the owners of those plots who have appealed in various courts against land acquisition.

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